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Many of you may have already met us. Maybe at a farmers' market or Christmas gift show. But for those of you visiting for the first time, WELCOME. 

We are so excited to share with you the story behind our product. 

My husband Shawn began Horn hunting over 30 years ago, we Had a dog (she since has past) named Aspen. Many of you may have seen her on my Banner at my booth. She was an amazing dog who helped us find antlers. After a few years I began to research the Many benefits of Antlers and how they help dogs. From Nutritional to Teeth cleanings. Plus saving money because the Antlers last so long. 

Living here in Utah I had some opportunities come up that helped me sell in person to the customer face to face and over the last 12 years I can say this has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I've done. Besides being a mom of 5, we have a small cattle operation of 200 head, plus run a Trucking company. 

Our family competes in all aspect of Rodeo. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you, Let's get your dog Matched with the best Antler!


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Perry, Utah


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