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Antlers wont Splinter or break apart

 Antlers are naturally rich with essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, and chondroitin are just a few of the health benefits that antlers provide.

Any plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth will be scraped off when your dog begins chewing on the antler. Plaque and tartar buildup is the number one reason for oral infections in dogs and can cause serious health issues.  Our chews stimulate your dog’s entire mouth, resulting in healthier teeth, stronger gums, and better breath.

 Antlers are tough, but they’re also completely safe. The edges are sanded down for complete smoothness and since the antlers are so strong, they won’t splinter like other bones. Plus, your dog’s chewing along with his saliva will eventually break down the antler and get to the  inner marrow in the middle, which, unlike regular rawhide, is soft and 100% digestible!

Long lasting

Using the dog sizing in each description find the right antler to fit your dogs needs and you'll both be amazed at how long it lasts!

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