How We Got Started,,,

 well my husband has shed hunted for over 25 years.

 I got the idea of selling antlers for dog treats after we acquired our antler dog Aspen. It was always a dream of my husbands to have a "shed hunting dog" . We bought Aspen spring of 2011. She was trained to find them. She loves to hit the hills and we spend most of our spring time finding antlers. We Love it. We do it as a family. Its a lot of work, time, and the miles seem endless.

 I did some research and the nutritional value of these antlers are beyond compare. I have over 18 years online sales experience, So after I had his blessing to begin cutting up years of his hard work, It began and I have sold local and worldwide. I love the joy these antlers bring to dog owners all over. I've gained trust and friendships from dog owners all over the world. They are the TRUE natural dog treat!